Casey Cares 4th Annual Kettlebell Swing-A-Thon Event Another HUGE Success!

Posted: Feb 20, 2018

Once again, our supporters David Beares, and his wife, Abby, owners of 39 Minute Workout did some heavy lifting to support the critically ill kids and families in our Casey Cares programs! 

The Casey Cares 4th Annual Kettlebell Swing-A-Thon event shaped up to be the most successful event, raising more than $17,000 - the most ever for the event! In four years, the Swing-A-Thon has raised nearly $65,000! 

"The event had a great energy throughout the three hours," said David Beares, a Casey Cares board member and owner of 39 Minute Workout in Ellicott City, Maryland. "We were once again blown away at the amount of donations and work people were willing to put into this event.  We have a small community of just over 100 members.  So to pull this off and raise over $17,000 is humbling." 

Right from the start, the tone was set as one Casey Cares child, Devin, spoke to the attendees. Just 13, Devin has been battling craniopharyngioma, a type of brain tumor. Ever since he was diagnosed, Devin and his family have been able to spend quality time together, making memories through Casey Cares programs. He has been to go to a picnic at Sagamore Farms, take a Spirit cruise in the Inner Harbor, go to Baltimore Orioles batting practice, laser tag parties and more! All of these moments help ease the immense pain that he and his family have been trying to overcome. 

The participants in the Swing-A-Thon took Devin's message to heart, and pulled together to help Devin and other critically ill children in Casey Cares programs. 

"David is a terrific backer of Casey Cares and all of our programs that help our kids,” said Casey Baynes, founder and executive director of Casey Cares. “Without help from people like David, we could not continue providing the type of uplifting programs that we do for critically ill children.”






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