Casey Cares Family Cruises Around Cleveland

Posted: Jun 22, 2018

Nine-year-old Oliviah and her dad Bryan got a special surprise! They were picked up by a limo in Ashtabula and chauffeured to a boat dock in downtown Cleveland.

Thanks to the Casey Cares Foundation, the Goodtime III, American Limousine and Statement Limo the father-daughter duo got to take a lunch cruise on the Goodtime III to celebrate Father’s Day.

Oliviah has been battling Glioblastoma Multiforme Grade IV since she was diagnosed in August 2017. After months of countless appointments, radiation, and chemotherapy she and her family recently received the news that her tumor has grown back.

Bryan has had to take a lot of time off from work to care for his daughter.

“I’m her strength,” he said, “even though, really, she’s mine.”

Although families enroll in our programs because they have a sick child, we know that emotional support is needed for the entire family when a child is diagnosed with a critical illness. Even just an hour or two away from the stress of the doctors’ offices and hospital visits makes a huge difference for these families.

Through Casey Cares, Oliviah and her family have been special guests of Olympic champion Scott Hamilton at his annual ice show. They’ve also received an at-home movie night kit (complete with a movie, pizza, and pajamas), tickets to a special dinosaur exhibit and more. Sweet Oliviah organized a pajama drive for Casey Cares to help us provide a little bit of comfort to other sick kids.

Casey Cares will serve more than 1,200 families and will provide about 17,000 program activities this year in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia and Washington, D.C.

Check out the video here.

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