Celebrating at the Circus

Posted: Aug 14, 2018

Casey Cares kid Kori celebrated an important milestone in her treatment with a family trip to Cirque Italia!

“It was such a great treat for Kori because she has surgery yesterday to remove her chemo ports!” Kori’s mom Diona wrote in an email. “We all had an amazing time today!”



Diona wrote that this outing was one of the first activities that Kori was able to do after being treated for Wilms’ Tumor in the past 11 months. The treatment has been hard on everyone in the family, she wrote, and the special trip helped the family regain some normalcy in their lives.

“We really appreciate it and it was such a great show and the seats were awesome!” Diona wrote. “This was one of the best things anyone has done for her. Kori just kept saying how happy she was. Thank you all so very much for helping put a smile on my baby’s face.”

Casey Cares kid Riley also celebrated at the circus.

“The show was incredible!” Riley’s mom Robin wrote in an email. “This was an absolutely amazing experience for Riley and her brother Sawyer (and me!). Thank you so much! We would never have been able to attend something like this without you!”