Countdown to the Casey Cares/Orioles 5K: Jennifer Vieth and Sam Weintraub

Posted: Jun 27, 2018

Runners Jennifer Vieth and Sam Weintraub, both of Baltimore, love participating in smaller, local races. The couple said they chose to compete in the Casey Cares/Orioles 5K last year because they also love participating in events that raise money and awareness for a good cause.

Jeny and Sam met while life-guarding at the beach in New Jersey and have been training together off and on since 2009. The duo started dating in 2015 and began running marathons together.


“I wouldn't really say that we're competitive (except for when it comes to who's running more miles in a week!),” Jeny wrote in an email. “We push each other to keep on track to reach our goals. Sam's quite a bit faster than me, so he definitely helps me push my pace when we run together.”

Jeny said she started running in middle school for track and cross country.

“I grew up watching my mom run marathons and it was always a sport I was passionate about,” she wrote.

Sam said he started running in high school to keep in shape for other sports.

“It ended up sticking, and I ran competitively through college,” he wrote.

For Sam, the best part of running is “hitting a runner’s high.” For Jeny, the best part is “the ability to disconnect from what's happening in everyday life.”

This year’s Casey Cares/Orioles 5K is Saturday, July 14th. You must register by June 30th to receive a race shirt! Register here!

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