Double the Fun with Flip Circus and King Tut!

Posted: Sep 27, 2022

Now more than ever, critically ill children and their families are able to enjoy visiting the Flip Circus and the King Tut Immersive Experience at the National Geographic Museum!

Thanks to donations from Flip Circus and Leslie Silverman, a Casey Cares Caring Connections volunteer for over twenty years, "unlimited" tickets were given through Casey Cares to children and families in Florida and Maryland to see Flip Circus and the King Tut Immersive Experience at the National Geographic Museum. 

Brooklyn, her parents, and her siblings attended the King Tut exhibition this past month and got a picture together right in front of King Tut himself. Brooklyn is undergoing treatment for B-Cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia, which attacks white blood cells. She and her family attended Flip Circus two weeks later!

Anna and her family were just at the Flip Circus and gave it her stamp of approval, saying it was "super fun...even for teenagers!" Thomas, age eight, also went to Flip Circus earlier this month with his siblings, and parents. Thomas is diagnosed with Glioma, a type of tumor that occurs in the brain and spinal cord. Both Casey Cares kids also went to the King Tut Immersive Experience too!

As September 2022 comes to a close, donors have given Casey Cares the ability to send out over 3,350 Family Festivities programs (so far!) that bring joy to families across eight states and Washington D.C. Companies like Flip Circus not only aid us in giving enthralling, stress-free activities to our children but also support our overall mission by providing these little moments that make lasting memories. Would you like to donate your tickets for a fun, stress-free activity to a critically ill child and their family? Email Erin Ritter at today!