A Football Filled Night for Kids in Florida

Posted: Oct 28, 2022

It was a night filled with fun and football players for Isaiah in Florida!

Casey Cares kid Isaiah, who has acute lymphoblastic leukemia, and his family attended the Jacksonville Jaguars Crucial Catch Night thanks to the Jaguar Foundation and Casey Cares.

Crucial Catch Night

The Jacksonville Jaguars partnered with various nonprofits to host Crucial Catch Night for more than 135 members affected by cancer in the Jacksonville community. The Jaguars Foundation rented out Main Event Bowling to provide a fun night of bowling, arcade games, and laser tag alongside Jaguar players, Roy Robertson-Harris, Luke Fortner, and Gregory Junior.

His mother Brenda wrote to Casey Cares and said, "On behalf of Isaiah & Family, THANK YOU! We had a blast tonight at the Main Event. The evening was filled with lots of activities and kids enjoyed every second. It was nice mingling with others there as well. Great memories and all thanks to Casey Cares. Blessed!"

Not only did Isaiah and his siblings have “an amazing night” where there did not seem to be “a care in the world,” Brenda continued, “the kids enjoyed themselves to the fullest playing all the games in the arcades and taking pics with the football players.”

A Warrior

When a child is diagnosed with a critical illness, it also greatly effects their siblings and family. Like, Brenda, difficult decisions must continually be made by parents, guardians, and others to support their child. Truly, the strength of both the child and their caregiver is incredible!

As Brenda expressed, “Isaiah has overcome many obstacles and still dealing with his learning disabilities but has proven to be a warrior!”

Casey Cares

Casey Cares knows that our families whose faith, relationships, and pocketbooks have been stretched to their breaking points, our programs with a special touch may be the only break many will get during treatment.

Programs provided by Casey Cares like tickets to Jurassic Quest and the Jacksonville Zoo – which are Isaiah’s favorite activities so far! – help kids create little moments and lasting memories.

Brenda concluded, “Casey Cares has been the only foundation that keeps in touch with families and [is] always keeping the kids and family involved during and after treatments. Finally, a foundation that cares and keeps patient & families together despite the diagnosis! What an amazing foundation!”

Thank you to all supporters and donors of Casey Cares who help lift the spirits of our critically ill children!