#GiveLove Challenge - You Can Help 500 Families This Month!

Posted: Feb 9, 2021

Our families need support during these difficult times.  Something as simple as a movie night or a new pair of pajamas brings a smile to the face of a child who really needs it. 

This Valentine’s Day, we are asking you to help spread much needed love and support by participating in the “Give Love” Challenge.  Help us raise funds through social media through Sunday, February 14 at noon.

You can help!  Post one of the images here with the hashtag #CaseyCaresGiveLove on your socila media.  Use the fun bingo card to encourage your friends, colleages and family to fill in the squares by donating to your Venmo or PayPal account, then send the total amount raised to CaseyCares. The challenge is to see who can raise the most money for the critically ill children in our programs.  We are encouraging our own friends, families, and supporters to join us in this fun Valentine’s Day promotion to give love to others.

Casey Cares is working to send out 500 Movie & Pizza Nights, Grocery Store Gift cards and pajamas to our critically ill children and their family members this month - and you can help us help more families! 

Link to your Venmo, Paypal or use Casey Cares' Paypal account: https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/caseycaresfoundation  Once your donations are all collected, you can either send us the donations to our Paypal account here, make an online donation through our website giving page here or mail a check into our address: 7100 Columbia Gateway Drive, Suite 155, Columbia, MD 21046





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