Mark Viviano

Posted: Jul 27, 2023

Casey Cares is thrilled to welcome back WJZ’s sports anchor Mark Viviano who has been a HUGE part of the Casey Cares 5K for years. He’s run the race and served as our emcee for several years because he believes so deeply in the work we do.

"Casey Cares has been important to my wife Megan & me since we first learned of the organization and its mission. We have 2 healthy young boys. The support Casey Cares provides for children with illness & their families is beautiful & powerful. We will do whatever we can to support Casey Cares!" he says. 

While Mark has been a runner since high school, when he was a varsity basketball player, his first full marathon (26.2 miles) was a small and difficult race in northern Wisconsin.

He states, "I completed the race, but it wasn't until 8 years later that I thought I was a “real” runner when I first qualified for the Boston Marathon, running a personal best in the St. Louis marathon. It was the first time I felt like an accomplished competitor. I soon came to realize, though, that being a runner wasn’t about competing but about doing something I loved. The feeling of robust health, strengthand joy felt in running are with me always, whether I run fast or slow. I rarely run with a watch anymore. I let my mind & body dictate my pace."

For Mark, the best part of running is "appreciating the ability to move. I want never to take that for granted. Our health is an awesome gift that can be taken away at any time. I embrace the moments whenever I run. Even a bad run beats being idle!"

Running has now become a family affair. Mark's wife Megan also runs marathons and placed in the top 5 runner at last year's Casey Cares 5K!

Mark and his oldest son Michael have "run two 5K races together. He did beat me in our last race when he unexpectedly sprinted away from me in the final 100 meters to the finish. It was a sneaky move for a 7 year old running novice but I’ve learned not to surprised by his urge to win. I was young once!"

He continues, "We plan to run Casey Cares together. I won’t “let” him beat me. He’ll have to earn it!"

As Mark reflects, "I can’t run without gratitude for the opportunity. I’ve run thousands of miles in my lifetime. Early on, I ran without reflection or appreciation. With age, I’ve learned to take in & appreciate every opportunity I have to exercise!"

Join Mark and hundreds of fellow walkers and runners on August 5th at the Maryland Zoo for Casey Cares 5K/1-Mile Walk! You still have time to register yourself, your team, and your friends - click here!