Nicholas Gets A Special Surprise From The Capitals!

Posted: Nov 13, 2019

Nicholas has been a part of the Casey Cares family for nearly a year and half now, and recently we were able to give him a very special experience…

Nicholas is an osteosarcoma and spinal cord injury patient, who also happens to be a big fan of the Washington Capitals. A while back, we were able to offer him a special experience with the Capitals, however, he had been going through chemotherapy and surgeries and unfortunately, was too ill to attend.

Recently, we got an email from his mom updating us on his progress! She explained how he’s currently a few months in to a nine month course of immunotherapy and powering through rehab for his spinal cord injury. Luckily, he’s doing well and his mom said that he’s even playing sled hockey with the Bennet Blazers adaptive sports team now!

Though Nicholas wasn’t able to make the first Capitals experience that we had for him, we were able to get something just as good! Thanks to the Washington Capitals, he received a pair of tickets to the November 9th game, entry to the Caps morning skate at the Medstar Capitals Iceplex and best of all, he got to personally meet Alexander Ovechkin.

Nicholas’ mom, Michelle wrote us saying “thank you SO much for the Caps tickets and amazing experience! We’re so grateful and Nicholas had such an amazing time. You guys are the best!”

We’re so incredibly glad that together, Casey Cares and the Washington Capitals were able to make his day.

We’re rooting for you, Nicholas!