Packing in the PJs

Posted: Feb 4, 2019

With cold and flu season at its peak, this is Casey Cares’ busiest time of year to give out our at-home movie nights. We need pajamas and gift cards to complete our cozy kits so we’re throwing Casey Cares BIGGEST PAJAMA PARTY!

We need your help to let local businesses, schools, clubs, and sports teams know that they can host drives to collect pajamas and gift cards from now until the end of April.

Schools, like Saint Margaret, are getting in on the fun. They added to their Catholic Schools Week celebration by adopting the Casey Cares Foundation. Students and staff collected pajamas to contribute our BIGGEST PAJAMA PARTY.

Each class collected PJs, counted them, and put them in bags with the total affixed to the outside. They piled the bags high in the auditorium for a final count on January 31. 

Hundreds of students gathered together to do the final count. As each bag was brought to the front of the auditorium, the number was written on a whiteboard and students used their math skills to add the final tally. Then, the lower school called the upper school to learn their final total and they added those together. More than 400 pairs were collected!

This is the fifth year St. Margaret's has participated in the drive and their collection has grown each year. In five years, they have collected more than 1600 pairs of PJs. We're so grateful that the whole school rallies around Casey Cares kiddos! 

"This was kids helping kids," said Erin Ritter, Casey Cares deputy associate director. "The assembly was great because it gave the kids ownership. They could really see that when everyone does something small but works together, they can really make a difference! This year they'll make 400 different kids smile!"

For more information on how to get involved, email or call her at 443-568-0064. 


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