Smiles on Faces and Warmth in Hearts

Posted: Feb 12, 2019

Looks like Collin has taken a cue from Maui and is ready to slow down the sun, pull islands out of the sea, and battle colossal monsters! We already knew he has superpowers! He's a Casey Cares kid!

At Casey Cares, we know how difficult life can be for families with critically ill children. We help keep families' spirits high by arranging fun activities, not just once-a-lifetime or once-a-year. The best palliative care comes from continuous, ongoing support and our bi-monthly customized programs give families dozens of opportunities to create positive family memories. 

"Our family wanted to say thank you for giving us the opportunity to take our family to see Disney On Ice. We are a total Disney family and it meant so much to us that they gave us the opportunity to go," wrote Collin's mom. "Two days after we went to the show, our Collin ended up in the hospital which made our night out mean so much more. It was amazing to see Collin smile and sing along to all things Disney! Thank you for the smile on our faces and in our hearts!" 

So far this year, 96 families have attended Disney On Ice. Feld Entertainment provided 371 activities in 2018 for our families including Disney on Ice, Monster Jam, Sesame Street Live & Marvel Universe Live. A big thanks to them for helping to make all of these memories possible! 

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