The Ultimate Surprise From The Redskins and Easterns Autogroup!

Posted: Jan 2, 2020

Three Casey Cares families recently got the ultimate surprise thanks to the generosity of Easterns Autogroup and the Washington Redskins!

We were able to invite three of our kiddos along with their family members to the Washington Redskins headquarters and training facility to receive a full tour! They got to see everything from the broadcast rooms to gym and they even got to see a few players along the way!

However, that wasn’t even the biggest surprise… when the tour was over, the kids were lead back to the conference room where they were presented a trip to Disney World by Redskins safety, Landon Collins.

It was an awesome day that our families enjoyed and hopefully will never forget! One family wrote,

“What an amazing afternoon we had! We are so grateful to Casey Cares, Easterns Automotive Group, and the Washington Redskins.
We really enjoyed the Redskins tour and the rare opportunity to see their facility and operations behind the scenes.  We also appreciate their wonderful hospitality, and the attention and gifts they gave to the children.  Seeing the players walk by and meeting Landon Collins were special highlights. 
We cannot really put into words how excited and grateful we are for the future trip to Florida!  We still can hardly believe it!  With all of Jimmy’s surgeries, time spent in the hospital, and other treatments and appointments, it’s been more challenging for our family to find time to all be together.  The trip to Florida will be a wonderful opportunity for us all to have fun together, in a place we’ve always wanted to visit.  On our drive home from Redskins Park yesterday, the children were very excited as they looked up the location where we’ll be staying and all the fun activities there and nearby.  This will be something we really look forward to, especially as Jimmy and we navigate through whatever next year brings with regard to his medical treatments and condition. Thank you thank you!”


–Jimmy’s Dad


A huge thank you to everyone who made this day possible for our families, esperically Easterns Autogroup and the Washington Redskins!