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Stronger together

Our Caring Connection Group Parties were initiated based on feedback we received from social workers about the needs of families coping with the diagnosis and treatment of life-threatening illnesses. They suggested adding group events to give families much needed time to meet each other, share experiences, learn from each other and develop support systems. We instituted our Caring Connection Group Party Program to do just that in a safe and fun environment.  

Planned throughout the year, Caring Connection Parties take place in varied geographical regions. Movie theaters, moon bounce gyms, pumpkin farms, popular museums, and science centers, aboard sailboats, batting cages – the interests are varied and each party is designed to appeal to specific age groups. During these events, our families are surrounded by supportive Casey Cares staff and empathetic caregivers whose children are enduring the same treatment regimens for complicated diseases.

“I was standing next to Selena (diagnosed with leukemia) and Sofia (diagnosed with leukemia) at last month’s Caring Connections Party. Sofia and Selena’s mom were talking about an overnight camp for children with cancer. I guess Sofia was a little nervous about going to camp for the first time. So, I watched as Selena sat down next to her and told her that this was going to be her third year there and it was so much fun and that Sofia shouldn’t be nervous because they would know each other! It was so nice to see relationships being built through our group parties. Not only did the girls have a great day swimming, playing games and making crafts, but they also formed a bond. This exchange wasn’t mindblowing or unbelievable, it is just what happens when kids with similar diagnosis’ get together for an afternoon. It warmed my heart to know that because Casey Cares arranged this pool party, one seven-year-old was excited to go camping and not nearly as nervous as she had been earlier that day. It is something little, but that is what the Caring Connection Program is all about! I am so proud to run this program for our families! I gain as much as our families do from this program”

-Leslie Silverman
Caring Connections Program Coordinator


Allegis Group 2011

Booz Allen Pool Party 2009

Batman and Robin posing with kids

Casey and Nikira

Brian Matusz giving batting lessons to a young boy

Fall Festival 2012

Fall Group on a boat

Pirate and Sailing 2009

Sagamore 2014

Maryland Zoo 2015

Under Armour Modeling Group

Holiday Party 2008

Lasertag Party 2012


We had a fantastic time at the game! Being on the field for the pre-game warmup was an incredible experience that we'll always remember. Jimmy was so excited to attend his first NFL game. You certainly gave him a lot to smile about! He starts his next round of chemotherapy tomorrow. The memories of being at the game will help sustain him through the treatment, and give him stories to share with his doctors and nurses.

The Alverson Family

Last month we were sent Hammy’s Heart gift cards to use towards food. In this crazy world of doctor’s appointments, parking fees, copays, medicine, therapies and much more it can get very frustrating and overwhelming. Last month was one of those months where the insurance denied AJ’s medication and we had to pay a LARGE amount for his medication while we filed yet another appeal. Sometimes it takes my breath away knowing that we don’t have anything left after medication. I was wondering how we were going to get through the next two weeks when we received your letter and generous gift cards. Thank you. I’m not sure how you knew but I didn’t want it to go unnoticed on how amazing your organization is and how very thankful we are and were!

The Gonzales Family

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