Family Festivities

Making time for "quality time"

Casey Cares Family Festivities Program is an ongoing program, one in which each family participates three times each year. The families we serve carry weights of their own and often find it difficult to organize outings for their family due to numerous appointments and specialist's visits. We make an effort to support the intellectual, emotional, and social development of our children by providing a multitude of different art, entertainment, and culturally related activities to make sure they get rare and important experiences.

Children battling critical and terminal illnesses sometimes don’t get to learn about the world outside of a hospital. When the children are feeling well, a trip to the zoo, seeing a sports game, watching a live show, or visiting an amusement park with their family can become an invaluable memory. Our experiences increase the scope of the child’s knowledge and keep their dreams and passion for life strong. 

We focus on planning these activities with the interests and abilities of our families in mind. In addition to providing tailored activities, we try to be mindful of the logistics that a family with a critically or terminally ill child may need to handle when they go out. Our staff works hard to make sure families receive vouchers for parking and food. This way, a family whose child is weak or wheelchair-bound can have preferential parking, instead of making expensive garage payments and parking a long distance from the venue. Covering these additional costs is another way that the Family Festivities Program allows families to enjoy an activity without any financial strain.  

Even if a child is not well enough for an outing, we provide ways for the whole family to spend quality time together through our Movie & Pizza Night packages. Movie & Pizza Night packages can be a great way to enjoy a quiet evening together, either at home or at the hospital, with the cost of dinner covered and a way to watch a movie through gift cards. Breaking up the routine of treatment can aid families in improving the outlook on their situation and not suffering from depression or anxiety. Help us help more families! Send a Movie & Pizza Night to our families from our Amazon Wishlist and have it sent directly to our office!


I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for the Cirque de Italia tickets we enjoyed the show. Layo especially loved the juggling acrobat on the unicycle. It was a great close for our weekend. We appreciate all the "lasting memories" you help us create.”

The Isebor Family

Thank you and everyone at Casey Cares Foundation for sending our family a movie night package. Liam and everyone were so excited when we received it. Liam and his younger brother immediately started planning our night. Liam was especially excited about the Target gift card because he wants to go look for new foods he can eat. He is on a renal diet and has been very limited by what he can have and what he used to have. Liam was diagnosed with IgA Nephrotic Syndrome in January and since then it's been a tough battle. Despite treatments not working to control it, he keeps pushing through. Currently, he is at the hospital twice a week for dialysis and additional treatments. Next week he will be admitted for another treatment. We are really hoping something clicks soon and he starts to feel better. Your organization has offered smiles, hope and a breath of fresh air during a very difficult time. Thank you for everything you do!

The Steel Family

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