Better Together

Always part of our family

There is a science behind what we do at Casey Cares. Not once-a-lifetime or once-a-year, we know that the best palliative care comes from continuous, ongoing support throughout a family’s entire journey. Our bimonthly customized programs give families dozens of opportunities to create positive family memories while enrolled in our programs. The focus of pediatric palliative care is to enhance the quality of life for all involved, in large part by preventing and alleviating suffering.  Emotional well-being is an integral part of a patient’s ability to be physically healthy. Beginning as early as birth, we focus on the entire family, not simply the sick child.

Unique to Casey Cares, Better Together encourages families who have suffered such a difficult loss to continue their participation with any of Casey Cares programs for an additional year. During this difficult time, we hope to help families regain strength, raise their spirits, and focus on healing. Continuation of care and support at this critical time for a family is extremely important for rebuilding the unit.

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