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How many memories will your company help make this holiday season?  Find out how your employees or coworkers can support critically ill children and their family members this year.


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Our Programs

At Casey Cares, we offer a variety of programs to meet families where they are. Learn more about our offerings, and find out ways that you can help!

Family Festivities

We offer families opportunities to spend time together at sporting events, movies and many other local attractions. Whenever possible, we enhance these events by providing extra goodies such as restaurant gift cards.

Birthday Blast

For families with critically ill children, each birthday is more than an annual celebration, it is a special milestone. We help children celebrate with surprise deliveries of balloons, cookies, gift cards or flowers.

Celebration Vacation

Every family needs a vacation, and for families with critically ill children, getting a break isn’t easy. This program provides weekend getaways for families, helping them to bond and take a respite from doctors’ offices and hospital visits.

Kami’s Jammies

Inspired by the memory of a Casey Cares child, this program provides new sleepwear to children on extended hospital stays and homebound critically ill children. This program helps children feel more at home in otherwise sterile environment.

Caring Connections

This program encourages Casey Cares families to meet, share and support each other while taking part in themed parties.

Hammy's Heart

In memory of a Casey Cares child, Abraham “Hammy” Scrivner, Hammy's Heart was created to offer gift cards to families who need assistance with their grocery bills.

Better Together

Casey Cares continues to support families even after the loss of a child. During this difficult time, we hope to help families focus on healing by allowing them to take part in our programs for an additional year.

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November 13, 2019
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Casey Cares Annual Gala 2020
March 28, 2020

Come celebrate our roaring 20th anniversary at our Annual Gala on March 28th! The theme is… you guessed it, the Roaring 20’s! So throw on your pearls and your bowler hats and transport back in time with the Casey Cares family!

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April 1, 2020

Your school, company, place of worship, club, or sports team can show your support for critically ill children!

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