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How We Can Help Families With Critically Ill Kids

We understand that when a child is diagnosed with a critical illness it sends a ripple effect through the entire family. We hope that we can help heal your family's spirits through our uplifting programs. We also hope that the following resources will be helpful as you navigate through your child's illness.

For an application, please speak to your social worker or fill out this Application Request Form:

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Eligibility Requirements

  • Programs are for critically ill children under the age of 18 and their immediate family members only.
  • Patients must meet two of the following four criteria: be diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, be receiving active treatment, be frequently hospitalized, or under hospice care
  • The child's primary physician and social worker should complete applications.
  • Eligibility will be determined by the Foundation after physician's assessment.
  • Applications will be reviewed and approved by Program Director.
  • Applications for critically ill children will be updated and reviewed every two years. Siblings may participate in programs until age 21.
  • Patients will remain eligible for one year after last active treatment (Routine follow-ups excluded).
  • Families are encouraged to participate in programs through the Better Together Program for one year after the loss of the child participating in programs.
  • Patients must live in MD, PA, DE, NJ, VA, WV, OH, DC or FL to participate in Casey Cares Programs

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