Hammy's Heart

Full bellies and full hearts

In memory of a Casey Cares child, Abraham “Hammy” Scrivner, Hammy's Heart was created to offer gift cards to families who need assistance with their grocery bills. While families with a critically ill child are overwhelmed with so many other financial obligations, Hammy's Heart helps with the basic need of feeding a family. Hammy was known for his wisdom and affectionate smile during his brain tumor battle. His caring spirit lives on through the Hammy’s Heart program, which fulfills his last heart's desire, to provide families loving meals together.

 “I want to be able to provide families who have kids that suffer from pediatric brain tumors or other diseases with grocery gift cards so that their homes can have food if the parents have to stop working like I had to do. I chose Casey Cares because Casey and all of the staff genuinely loved Hammy. He felt so special because they would always choose him for special events, and he felt as if he was part of the Casey Cares Family. Casey Cares created many memories for my children that I would not have had because I could not afford it.”

Gina Truesdale
Hammy’s Mom and Hammy’s Heart Program Coordinator


Last month we were sent Hammy’s Heart gift cards to use towards food. In this crazy world of doctor’s appointments, parking fees, copays, medicine, therapies and much more it can get very frustrating and overwhelming. Last month was one of those months where the insurance denied AJ’s medication and we had to pay a LARGE amount for his medication while we filed yet another appeal. Sometimes it takes my breath away knowing that we don’t have anything left after medication. I was wondering how we were going to get through the next two weeks when we received your letter and generous gift cards. Thank you. I’m not sure how you knew but I didn’t want it to go unnoticed on how amazing your organization is and how very thankful we are and were!

The Gonzales Family

I would like to thank the Casey Cares Foundation for the wonderful Walmart gift card provided to my family. With my son still in the hospital and bills continuing to mount, to know that I could use this gift card to go grocery shopping was such a relief and blessing. I want to thank the foundation for all it does to provide relief and enjoyment to families going through such a difficult time.

The Green Family

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