Annual Casey Cares Rockfish Tournament

Friday / May 31, 2019
2019-05-31 09:30:00 2019-06-01 02:00:00 UTC Annual Casey Cares Rockfish Tournament Chesapeake Bay Beach Club
Chesapeake Bay Beach Club

180 Pier One Rd. Stevensville, MD 21666

Chesapeake Bay Beach Club


For event information, please email Dawn Weissman here.

For sponsorship information, please email Caroline Bauerle here, or download our sponsorship packages here.

Please also call the office for event and sponsorship details 443-568-0064

Current Fundraising Leaders

Brady Sweitzer's Fundraiser for Casey Cares
John Sovero's Fundraiser for Casey Cares
Wade Lober's Fundraiser for Casey Cares

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We know it is important for companies to build and nurture relationships with local charities.  We understand how vital it is for you to align your beliefs with those of your employees and customers - we work hard to make sure that you are receiving the recognition that you deserve for your generous support.  From event signage, social media mentions, web prominence, newsletter callouts, prime logo placement on event t-shirt, and advertising, our top sponsors are thanked early, often and publicly.  Most sponsorship packages include at least one boat entry fee and all include tickets to the party at the Inn. Email Caroline Bauerle to discuss customizing a sponsorship package.

Captain's Challenge

Make even more of an impact by raising funds in the Captain's Challenge. Compete against other boats, with a 1st place prize for the top fundraiser. Any boat that raises $10k or more in the Captain's Challenge will fish for free in 2020! 

Sponsor this event

Call the office 443-568-0064 or email Caroline Bauerle to discuss customizing a sponsorship package today!  Download our sponsorship packages here.

Boat slips and charters

Have a boat and need a slip to dock it overnight?  Don't have a boat, but would love to join the tourney?  We have you covered, call John Sovero 443-695-5171 to make reservations.

Make it a Weekend!

Limited rooms available at The Inn at Chesapeake Bay Beach Club at your expense. Please call 410-604-5900 or
visit the Chesapeake Bay Beach Club website.

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