Ainsley’s Angels

Posted: Aug 1, 2019

You cannot miss this group of runners if you take part in our 5K! We are so thrilled that Ainsley’s Angels in the Capital Region joins us each year. They have been running with us for several years, and it’s one of the only events this far north, that the group takes part in.  Katy Reardon, an ambassador for the group says, “Each year a growing number of athletes make the trip to run with us. Our Angel runners volunteer to lend their legs to our Rider athletes, who pull them in their adaptive wheelchairs.”   We love this picture of the group from last year! “We are so blessed we are able to provide these experiences for our riders and love that this event is so welcoming to us. We are grateful for everything you do!”, says Katy.  Keep a look out for them on Saturday- they’ll be there in force! Be sure to give them a shout and a wave as you pass by! 

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