A Christmas Message from Casey

Posted: Dec 24, 2018 by Casey Baynes

Christmas Eve is finally here. The lights are sparkling, the food is cooking, bows are on the gifts, the family is on their way, and I'm smiling with joyful tears in my eyes. 

I'm bursting with pure gratitude for your support. You’ve helped us provide over 14,000 activities to 30,000 program participants this year!

Casey Cares families are also looking back at their year. They too are overcome with emotions, but their emotions are a bit different. They are thinking back to the struggles their children have had this year. They are also overcome with joy as they remember those happy Casey Cares moments when they felt normal. The times they got to enjoy Monster Jam or Disney On Ice and all the activities in-between.

You made these memories possible!  You may think that what you did was just a little thing, but it changed their lives in the most positive and pure ways. You made little moments and lasting memories for families who need to make every day count.

Thank you for making an impact on so many! With your support, we have never had to deny the request of an eligible child. We will continue to treat every family with the same excitement that we treated our first family over 19 years ago.

Merry Christmas! May you be blessed with joy, peace, and love. 



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