Cruisin' Around Baltimore

Posted: Aug 29, 2019

It was an absolutely perfect day for 200 Casey Cares kids and their family members to cruise around Baltimore and we have to give a HUGE thank you to Spirit Cruises for making it happen!

Sailing around the city wasn’t the only fun part though, the cruise was loaded with food, games, face painting and prizes… even Spiderman and some princesses stopped by!

Thank you so much to everyone who was able to come out and have some fun for the day. We can’t wait to keep doing this in the coming years!

Here’s an awesome thank you note that we received from a Casey Cares Mom:

 “Thank you so much for letting us go on the Spirit of Baltimore Cruise. It was so incredible! Dylan had a really hard few weeks prior to this. He had been in the hospital and was having a lot of seizures. This was such a fun day and seeing Dylan laugh, smile, and dance was priceless for us! As a Mom getting to go somewhere and not have to cook is always nice. The food was delicious and the staff so helpful. It's so nice being surrounded by other Casey Cares families that just get it. When you can't leave the house with your child for weeks while they are sick you can feel very isolated and alone. It's so incredible to be around others that just understand and that they are having hard times as well. It's just nice not feeling so alone. It's so nice for Dylan as well. His friends don't understand why he can't play while he's sick, or why they can't play if they are sick. He always walks away feeling so much better that he's not the only one that wears face masks, or uses a wheelchair if he gets tired. We loved getting to go. Thank you so much for the opportunity!”- Dylan’s Mom

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