Genny Rossi - Runner, Donor and Volunteer

Posted: Aug 4, 2021

Genny took a minute to share her thoughts on our upcoming 5K. 

The best part of running is:
Just being outside and moving.  It's a great way to start the day, feeling exercised and refreshed and accomplished. It puts me in a terrific frame of mind, ready to enjoy and/or handle whatever the day brings.
I can’t run/walk without:
1) My running shoes (Brooks Wide) 2) My headphones for a good uplifting spiritual podcast 3) My Runkeeper App that  times my walk/run intervals, distance, etc. 4) Sadly, my heel inserts that help to keep achilles tendonitis from keeping me out of action.
Why are you running in Casey Cares 5K? 
I have been doing the Casey Cares 5K every year since the first one. I can't stop now! I became familiar with Casey Cares years ago and I admire the work they do, and everyone at the organization is kind and caring and good at what they do and this is something I can do to support their cause; the children and their families.  Every year I have a team (Peak!) and we consist of all ages, all abilities, and we are named Peak because regardless of your age or ability, if you are getting out there and doing the 5K and supporting this great organization, well, that is pretty PEAK!  We welcome anyone to join our team :)  Click here to support Team Peak! 

Want to join in on the fun, registration is still open for Casey Cares 5K and One-Mile walk, click here to register!