A Home Run at the Pirates Game

Posted: Mar 19, 2024

Thanks to the generosity of the Pittsburgh Pirates, Florida kids Sawyer and Chris enjoyed a special spring training experience! Sawyer, who loves fishing and football, served as the Play Ball child by announcing "Play Ball," and later enjoyed the Pirates vs Detroit Tigers game with his family.

 Accompanied by his parents, Jeanna and Ryan, as well as his brother, Sawyer's attendance at the spring training event was a significant occasion for the entire family, who learned about his cystic fibrosis diagnosis after adopting him and his brother. Sawyer loved the entire day because of the “possibility of catching a ball and [eating] hotdogs."

Since joining Casey Cares in 2019, Sawyer’s favorite activity that Casey Cares provided him with was a visit to “Monster Jam because it’s loud and a lot of fun,” he says.

With Casey Cares, the 11-year-old loves that the nonprofit, “helps brighten up kid’s days.”

Joining Sawyer was 16-year-old Christopher, who is also diagnosed with cystic fibrosis. Chris had the honor of throwing the first pitch and later enjoyed the Pirates game with his mother and father Michelle and Chris, along with his younger sister Ayla.

His favorite activity that Casey Cares provided him with was also the watching Monster Jam because "I love Grave Digger. I had a Power Wheels one when I was little that I could drive,” he says.

With Casey Cares, Chris loves that, “I get to do fun stuff with my family that we wouldn’t or couldn’t normally do."

Thank you again to the Pittsburgh Pirates for continuing to give a once-in-a-lifetime experiences to Casey Cares kids like Chris and Sawyer! These seemingly little moments truly make lasting memories for critically ill children who undergo challenging medical treatments. Casey Cares always appreciates in-kind donations of tickets to sporting events for the kids in our programs! Please email them to our Program Director Summer at Summer@CaseyCaresFoundation.org.