Selbin's Recuperation Celebration

Posted: Jan 15, 2019

Selbin, who has bone sarcoma, had his leg amputated in July. He wanted to take a trip to celebrate his recovery so Casey Cares planned a Celebration Vacation in Ocean City, Maryland with the help of the Holiday Inn and the Sunset Grille Cafe.

Celebration Vacations give sick children and their families a chance for a weekend where their illness is not a factor and they can just be a family. It’s a time to just relax and rejuvenate. 

Selbin and his family enjoyed beautiful views of the bay as they dined on fresh seafood at the Sunset Grille Cafe. They also enjoyed meals and snacks at Pizza Hut, Carrabba's Dunkin Donuts, and Wawa.

They spent three nights at the Holiday Inn, where they got to have fun in the indoor pool and play in the large game room. The family also competed with each other on the mini-golf courses at Old Pro and made lots of great memories. 

Casey Cares always includes special touches in our vacation packages like new pajamas, travel snacks and activity books to add to a family's experience. We customize each vacation for the family that will be attending. There are no “cookie cutter” weekends away. We encourage families to call our offices and make special requests like Selbin did. 

Want to help make a Celebration Vacation possible? Call Dawn at 443-568-0064. You can help make lasting memories like this happen!












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