Erin Kelman

Posted: Jul 17, 2019

We like to say “every run has a reason” and that could not be more true for Erin Kelman.  “My dad has Parkinson’s and is unable to run,” says Erin, who with his dad, has run the Casey Cares 5K for several years now! “A few years ago, he and I joined up with Ainsley’s Angels (team) and they supplied a race chair that my dad can sit in while I push him during races. That year we participated in the Casey Cares race with several other people from Ainsley’s Angels and had such a blast, we’ve been back every year since!”

While Erin now has MORE of a reason for his run, it isn’t something new to him. "I have been athletic my whole life, mostly in team sports, but started running specifically about 10 years ago to help clear my head as I got busier with life and to get back in shape. As I continued to run, the competitor in me drove me to compete in races and now I run all the time!”

He says the best part of running is he can do it with his dad during races, with friends or even on his own. 

You cannot miss Ainsley’s Angels in the Casey Cares 5K - be sure to give Erin and his dad a shout when you see them!

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